We are Gracefool Collective. 
We make post-intellectual-pseudo-spiritual-feminist-comedy-
dance for the modern day era.

We make it collaboratively. We perform it collaboratively. And we write, design, devise, direct, manage, market, fundraise, budget, tweet, tour book, teach, schmooze, promote and play collaboratively.



Kate is a true armchair revolutionary with strong (but flexible) principles and a heart of gold. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to The Cause. And her short fringe, which she feel reflects her revolutionary nature in a subtle yet stylish manner. She is truly ‘Down With The Kids’, and knows all of the latest groovy club moves, such as ‘The Jive’, and ‘The Rump Shaker’. Being hungry is not an option for Fringe-Fool so she always knows where the nearest toaster is. In her spare time she likes to munch on toasted rye bread from the local bread coop whilst dreaming of a post-capitalist-non-hierarchical-feminist-utopia.



Sofia is sometimes referred to as the ‘Einstein’ of the group, and people often stare at her in the street and gasp in wonder at her lustrous and flowing angel locks, but she doesn’t like to draw attention to herself. She is a natural decision maker (but likes to take time trying out all of the options) and a tough nut to crack, but sometimes in this culture people misunderstand her way of expressing, so she is working on her ‘soft voice’. In her spare time she likes to down a shot of tequila and sing along to ballads, whilst solving advanced sudoku puzzles. She is a Swedish rhythmic gymnastics champion. Actually.

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Rachel believes in hard work and good planning, and has become so efficient that some people believe she has already achieved her life goal of being in two places at once. She likes to be prepared for all scenarios, and never goes anywhere without at least two calendars in multiple languages and a wetsuit. For SmallFaceFool, dreams of the lapping waves of Dorset are never far away. In her spare time she likes to relax with a glass of rose whilst answering emails, perhaps with a documentary about Stalingrad quietly playing in the background. She has reached cult figure status in China after becoming the poster girl for SmallFaceMonth 2013.



Rebecca likes to relax and take her time. She has a true ‘mañana mañana’ attitude. However, as one half of Productive Productions she is also good at getting things done. It just might not be until mañana. In her spare time she likes to relax with a cup of strong black coffee, followed by a long nap to Swedish christmas carols. Even in the summer. Nothing floats her boat more than watching other peoples dramas unfold on the screen, especially in films made by unknown but brilliant Eastern European directors.


THE Beginning

(a realisation that
we were maybe a thing)


Gracefool formed in 2013 out of a desire to make the work we wanted to see ourselves - clever, witty, genre-busting theatre that says something real. We spent three years at contemporary dance school trying to find our ‘Inner Artist’ by dancing around in beige to low lighting. Then we decided we preferred sequins and disco lights.

So we made an interactive auction in a warehouse, followed by a camp cabaret about Europe filled with misplaced facts and lots of Abba.

Five years later we’re still turning stupid jokes into ART.

The collective leadership, authorship and performance phenomenon that is Gracefool Collective is unique in the contemporary dance landscape … Gracefool Collective make a difference through their mix of play and provocation and their work matters.
— Janet Smith, Principal, Northern School of Contemporary Dance



We believe in humour as a powerful tool to transform ideas and undermine social convention. We believe in the collective as a radical tool for social and political change. We also believe in crumpets.

Our work is about serious stuff, without taking itself too seriously. No to bullshit. No to pretentiousness. Yes to slapstick.



– Choreodrome 2017; 2018
- Yorkshire Dance's Dance Partner Project
- Underbelly Untapped 2017
- 2016 Barnsley Civic CARP artists
– 2014/15 CATAPULT artists


- REACH showcase (2017)
- Made with The Lowry (2017)
- Bridging the Gap (2017)
– Shift and Share (2015)
– Vantage Art Prize (2013, 2014)


- Anima (New Education for Contemporary Dance, 2017)
– Carmina Burana (Avesta-Grytnäs & By-Folkärna Pastorat, 2017)
 - Reveal Festival (Bolton Octagon, 2017)
- Northern Connections (NSCD, 2017; 2015)
– NSCD Student Showcase (NSCD, 2015)
– NSCD Student Showcase (NSCD 2014)
– Arrivals and Departures festival (NSCD/Yorkshire Dance 2013)
– Furnace (West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2013)



– Riley Theatre
- Yorkshire Dance
– West Yorkshire Playhouse
– Live Art Dining
- Stage@Leeds

– The Roundhouse
- Blue Elephant Theatre
- Camden People's Theatre
– The Place
– LOST Theatre

- Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe
- Square Chapel Halifax
– Beacons Festival, Skipton
– Contact Theatre Manchester
- Bury Met
- Cast in Doncaster
- Barnsley Civic
- The Octagon, Sheffield University
- Bolton Octagon
- Queen's Hall Hexham

– Bridport Arts Centre
– Pavilion Dance South West

– Agitart (Figueres, Spain)
- Teater Alma (Stockholm, Sweden)
- Härnösands Teater (Härnösand, Sweden)
- Folkärna Kyrka (Avesta, Sweden)


Gracefool Collective have been mentored
by Kerry Nichols, Charlotte Vincent and Gillie Kleiman.




Gracefool offer workshops and masterclasses based on our creative practice - combining physical theatre, clowning, movement and comedy to create performance. We will share our favourite creative tools and lead group improvisation and games that explore voice and movement, character work and use of politics and humour in performance. This can be tailored to suit various ages and abilities.




In 2014, Gracefool Collective set up ProDanceLeeds - an artist led project for dancers, by dancers, in Leeds. ProDanceLeeds inpires and enables artist to sustain a professional career by offering regular morning class led by local, national and international teachers.