ProDanceLeeds Pilot - how beauTiful you were!

Our ProDanceLeeds pilot ended in July and we (Gracefool Collective and ProDanceLeeds: our dual personalities) just wanted to say, WE HAD A BRILLIANT TIME.

Over the past two years we have worked very hard to get a programme of this nature up and running and we hope over the six month pilot we started something very special.   We needed a little rest/some more time to work on our new Gracefool piece, so in August, we didn’t run any ProDanceLeeds classes.  But, our intentions of rest were left unrealised, as we had to evaluate the pilot, write a brand new bid and make a whole new Gracefool comedy/dance/theatre extravaganza.  So we’ve been just a tad busy to celebrate these juicy facts:

We employed 36 amazing dance artists to teach 77 classes, to 134 dancers in our community!  We want to say a huge thank you to all who gave their time to give us advice in the lead up to the project, all who came to the classes and all our partners for their continued support (Northern School of Contemporary Dance, RJC Dance, The Dance Studio Leeds, Northern Ballet, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Yorkshire Dance).

The aim of ProDanceLeeds is to provide a key support system for professional dancers in Leeds in the form of classes and networking opportunities. As Leeds-based dance practitioners, we see the current lack of further training as a fundamental issue within the dance community in Leeds, preventing it from building to a productive, efficient and vibrant ecology. We hope to address this by providing continual professional development, body maintenance and further training for dancers within Leeds, who wish to stay at their physical peak and continue to create and perform high quality work within the region and beyond!

In September, our lovely friends at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and we Gracefool/ProDanceLeeds hybrids worked together, pooling our resources to continue to hold classes before we heard if we are successful in securing more funding.

AND.....WAIT FOR IT.......WE WERE! More on that later....