Bridport Arts Centre

In the last week of January we made the long, treacherous pilgrimage from Leeds to beautiful Dorset, homeland of Rachel, to spend 6 days in residence at Bridport Arts Centre.

During this time, we met with local dancers who came to share morning class with us, spent our afternoon's playing with some ideas for a new Gracefool piece and inflicted Abba, Pastries and the Stiff Upper Lip on the local arts organisations, at the Dorset Theatre Promoters Consortium meeting. We also somehow managed to get a headline in the Bridport News that screamed, 'RAUCOUS RACHEL,' AND made great use of Bridport's cafes and hung out with Rachel's Grandparents. All in all you will agree, a very good residency.

At the end of the week, we were joined by the wonderful Akeim Buck, Sandro Picirilli and Thomas Hands, to complete our septet and perform our sparky party piece WE (spelt you and i) on the Saturday night. Portrait Youth Dance opened the evening with Portrait of a Thief (which we choreographed for them in a residency in October 2014), where the dancers spent an action-packed 15 minutes at Lady Penelope Fortescue's annual soiree.

A huge thanks to all who came to see us, you were a fabulous audience! And, thanks so much to everyone at Bridport Arts Centre for a brilliant week, Portrait Youth Dance Company for being great fun and giving an amazing performance, Activate Performing Arts for your continued support, our wonderful hosts who housed us all and all those who have helped us (especially Rachel's family!) along the way!