Sweden BABY!

This summer brought on the moment that myself and Sofia anxiously have been looking forward to for years: a Gracefool Sweden trip! Kate has practiced her Swedish for years and now has a pretty solid Swedish-level: being able to say 'förlåt' (sorry!) as well as counting to ten (though only when drunk). In the meanwhile Rachel has prepared by doing Facebook quizzes to determine how Swedish she is (massively Swedish!)

We had a great week in this Swedish studio, which was generously provided for free by Kulturskolan Örnsköldsvik, as Sofia used to teach there. Every morning we led morning class for young dancers in the region, and by the end of the week we went to Härnösand where Sofia and I did a foundation course together six years ago. Danielle Dietz, our teacher, organised a sharing with ilYoung, a project for dance students run by ilDance during the summer months. It was a great opportunity for us to connect with people from the Swedish contemporary dance scene and get some initial feedback on our new piece.

Change of scenery can be a pretty strong force when creating - at least for Gracefool Collective. Those days in the studio provided us with 13 minutes of solid material, which makes up roughly half of the piece as it stands. The only thing that has been a bit sad is that said change of scenery seems to have inspired us to work quite physically, which meant that we were absolutely wiped our in the evenings and too tired to fully enjoy the Swedish coast line and Sofia's wonder summer house, which comes with its own private beach (No, Sofia is not a millionaire - private beaches and summer houses are a thing in Sweden. Please continue to fund us!)