Once more with feeling...

In February and March Gracefool took a break from our own R&D to create a piece for the BPA 1 students at NSCD for their annual Student Showcase. We had thought long and hard on what theme we wanted to explore and finally decided to delve into the factory world. This brought on four weeks of conveyor belts, boxes and hair nets.

Gracefool Collective in collaboration with BPA 1 present:

Once More With Feeling...

Enter The Workplace, where human machinery reach for relief in surreal fantasy. Time passes, the day continues, monotony transforms into reverie and back again. Clocking in, gloves on, mind off. Then again. But with jazz hands.

P.S. To the students we worked with:

Do you remember how we put you in baggy overalls, hair nets, face masks and rubber gloves? It was all quite unflattering. And when moaning about it we said that if it'd make you feel better you could think about the fact that we'd wearing bald caps in our next piece. Well... we lied. We're not wearing bald caps anymore, but sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secrets.