Dragon's Den

BREAKING NEWS!! Sofia Edstrand of Gracefool Collective recently took the (dance) world with storm at the Dance UK conference by pulling information sheets from a top hat and being a general charm while talking about why we are working with art, and why people should support us. The result? Winning £1500 baby!

Edstrand of GC signed up to a fundraising course earlier this year through Dance UK, where the final test was to present a pitch to four dragons in a 'dragon's den' at Dance UK's conference, which was also live streamed (to much enjoyment for the other Gracefools that couldn't afford the conference and accordingly had to stay at home...) check it out here 48 minutes in.

We were all incredibly nervous (Rachel repeatedly had to cover her face as the stress was too much) but Sofia looked cool as a cucumber in her top hat as she charmed the pants off the dragons by answering questions like: "Why should we support you?" with a frank: "Because we're great". Self-confidence evidently goes a long way; from now on we only refer to ourselves as genii.

The money was a much-needed injection financially, and was used as match funding for our Arts Council bid. Technically it supported our week of rehearsals in Sweden (the mother ship of two of our members) where we enjoyed some useful networking, Swedish cake (cream cream cream) and a change of scenery that really refreshed our creative practice. Change of scenery should not be under-estimated.

Thanks to Sofia for literally talking us all the way to Sweden, and a massive thanks to the very generous dragons: Ian Taylor, Lizzie Fargher, Deborah Roslund and Andrew Hochhauser. Also a special thank you to Fern Potter and Alice Firth at Dance UK, who organised the Fundraiser course.