R&D with a Brighton trip

Gracefool have had an intensely filled and exciting four weeks of R&D for our new piece (working title 'This really is too much') It has included clothes swapping, alternative wedding speeches, rhythmic gymnastics, cape-wearing, armbands and an entire suit made of velcro. We also managed to squeeze in a bespoke workshop on integrating movement and prop/costume with Tilted Productions as well as four days of intensive and inspiring mentoring with Charlotte Vincent in Brighton. We were ripped to shreds, pushed to our limits and challenged beyond anything we ever could have anticipated, but we came out alive and brimming with inspiration and ideas (and a whole load of unanswered questions), ready for the next stage of development.

Thank you Charlotte! Thanks also to Kelli Des Jarlais, our wonderfully talented and endlessly patient costume designer, who put up with all of our crazy ideas and even managed to creatively interpret many of them in ways we could never have thought of.