Gracefool Update - the extended version

Hello all fans! Here is finally a long overdue update on what is happening in Gracefool land. For you who follow us on social media you will probably know already that we had some funding (Public Money through Arts Council England to be exact) at the beginning of the year. We have put them to good use by R&Ding a new piece with the working title 'Til Death Us Do Part, which we performed as part of Reveal Festival in Bolton on International Women's Day.


One of the performances took place in the stunning Bolton Parish Church and it was a real treat to be in such a beautiful space. We were a bit concerned that the part we have internally named ‘subtle sexy’ would be offensive to the space, but the kind man who worked in the church said that he really enjoyed the piece and that they were glad to be able to open up the space to different uses and that they could be so versatile with it. We were also very welcome back, so we’re hoping that we can do more church dancing soon. Which could be a reality, if some of our future funding ideas go according to plan. I'll leave that as a teaser for you.


At the same time, we have continued touring a short 25 minute version of This really is too much in a double bill with Red Ladder Theatre Company, and we’re loving life on the road so much that we’ve created the hashtag #foolsontheroad. Above you can see Kate and Sofia filling the Gracefool Tank with our props, including the four chairs that we bought from Sweden for £400. Some might say this was excessive, but nothing says POWER as four slickly designed leather chairs if you know what I mean? #swedishdesigncosts


There is one more opportunity to see Convicts & Lunatics in Sheffield on the 18th of April. Come check us out!

As the R&D and the tour are coming to an end things are slowing down a little at Gracefool HQ and we decided that this was the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think big for the future. As everyone knows, there is nothing as good for inspiration as putting yourself in a new environment, so we booked a cottage in the dales for a night and went away for talks and VISIONING. Sometimes life as a freelance artists feels like an endless struggle, but then there's things like visioning days with pancakes, and it makes it all ok...


There are lots of plans stirring in the Gracefool cauldron that we can't tell you about just yet, but watch this space and we’ll be announcing fun things soon!

Something we can tell you, is that we have three more performances coming up with the full hour version of This really is too much. We'll be at Yorkshire Dance on the 26th of May and at Camden People's Theatre on the 27th-28th. Rumour has it that it’s "entertaining first, then intelligent and meaningful on top".

FAQ: I have already seen the 25 minute version, should I really come and see the full length?

Kate is showing you the answer below:

That's all for this time. We should really try try to do some more regular updates on here, but I'm not promising anything. Come see us for real in a show and we'll give you a face to face update!