We're going to the Fringe!

Can I just make a short shout out about the fact that


We have already mentioned this, I know - but I thought it should probably go on the website. So we’ve been selected for Underbelly Untapped, which is a programme that supports ‘fantastic pieces of new writing’, which we’re pretty pleased with as a dance company.


I know most of you probably haven’t finalised your summer plans just yet, but IF you have and IF you’re going to Edinburgh for the Fringe, you should most definitely come see us! Book your tickets HERE.

The whole thing is pretty expensive, so we’re trying to raise some funds. We had a brilliant fundraiser party at Open Source Arts the other day which was great fun. Big THANK YOU to all performers and DJs that came and made the night a success and big THANK YOU to all our friends who helped with the cafe and the door and big THANK YOU to all of you that came and most of all big THANK YOU to amazing organiser extravaganza Fikir who organised the whole thing for us. Outsourcing is the shit, my friends…

We love Fikir!

We love Fikir!


We’re also doing a Kickstarter so please check it out and share. The video is pretty funny if I may say so myself, and it features a baby AND a feminist car wash so what’s not to like?

If you want to support us and also have a good time, you should check out our next fundraising event, which is a sit-down three course dinner and cabaret at LAB on the 22nd of June. It’s gonna be good. We release tickets on Friday, so watch this space!