Thank you so much for this incredible experience. It’s been so eye-opening to see what there is beyond just dance! I have faced and overcome challenges I would never have expected I could.



Gracefool offer workshops and masterclasses based on our creative practice - combining physical theatre, clowning, movement and comedy to create performance. We will share our favourite creative tools and lead group improvisation and games that explore voice and movement, character work and use of politics and humour in performance. This can be tailored to suit various ages and abilities. 




Gracefool Collective offer interactive talks and seminars based on our collective working model. We talk about the ethics, politics and practicalities of working collectively, drawing on our personal experience of these topics, and provide a space for discussion around this. Gracefool are also responsible for setting up ProDanceLeeds and draw on our substantial experience of setting up projects from scratch to provide a practical and useful guide for students or freelancers wanting to do the same. 

Thank you for such an amazing project and piece. It was the best part of the year and I loved it! You made rehearsals fun!
— NSCD Student



Gracefool have choreographed on conservatoire, university and CAT scheme students. We were invited to choreograph for the NSCD student showcases two years in a rowand have also made work for Yorkshire Young Dancers and Portrait Youth Dance.