The Gracefool girls excel in taking such observations, of the ‘feminine’ mannerisms of a bride, or the growing anxiety of an event organiser, and making them just that little bit larger than life without quite crossing the boundary into parody and slapstick – until they’re good and ready to do so.
— Culture Vulture

This is not a wedding is Gracefool Collective's new work, touring Autumn 2019.




Expect to laugh, cry and shimmy along to the classics whilst four bridal-clad women attempt to entertain, delight and maintain their dignity in a desperate last ditch effort to work out what the hell it all means. 

Witness a generation’s experience of pressure, conformity & expectation in this radical and apocalyptic reimagining of some of our most recognisable ceremonies. As time runs out and the clock counts down, four defiant brides attempt to please everyone and no one, forging their own absurd path through the wilderness of tradition. Using their signature concoction of wildly entertaining dance theatre, Gracefool invite YOU to be guests at the non-wedding event of the year as they attempt to come to terms with coming of age in a high pressure, low tolerance, success driven society. 

It’s not a wedding, but it is a celebration, and everyone is invited.

Gracefool Collective is developing an increasingly distinctive, highly entertaining form of dance theatre and comedy that is also incisive and provocative in its questioning of contemporary social politics, viewed from the female perspective.
— Janet Smith, Principal, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Supported by:

Yorkshire Dance's Dance Partner Project
Choreodrome 2017 and 2018
Northern Connections 2017
Commissioned by Reveal Festival 2017

Yorkshire Dance
The Place
Activate Performing Arts
Octagon Theatre