A vivacious, party atmosphere with sparky dialogue and irreverent physicality.
— Kevin Berry, Dancing Times
An entertaining piece for seven performers contains witty observations and clever ideas
— Mike Dixon, Dance Europe



WE (spelt you & i) is a raucous and exciting piece of dance theatre which takes the audience through a journey of hilariously recognisable social situations contorted to their absurd extreme. Set in a surreal party the piece fuses movement, comedy, text and music to draw the audience into the infectious atmosphere. Watch an unrequited love letter take shape and fall apart, a synthesised party track come to life, a gender swapping tango, and a battle of the sexes all rolled into one absurd party.


Choreographed by Kate Cox
Devised by Gracefool Collective

Previous performances: Transform and Furnace at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Turn Festival at Contact Theatre, Manchester, The Accidental Festival The Roundhouse, London, Beacons Festival
and Bridport Arts